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The first six volumes of the History of Isle of Wight Firefighting have been reformatted and relaunched, and are now available in the new format with new covers and layout. Please note that due to unavoidable issues with this process, the books are a different size - previously measuring 23cm x 15cm, now they are 25cm x 20cm.

Unfortunately reformatting Volumes 7 and 8 has not been possible. These require an entire recreation that will take some time, I will update this page when they too are available.

Blurb's policy of hosting the books at the online shop for a maximum of only 15 days without a purchase, requires me to not upload them until I know there will be a sale. Persons requesting copies need to message me using the Contact form, stating which volume/s they desire. I will then upload the book to the online shop and advise you when it is available - purchases will need to be made within 15 days or the book will be automatically deleted. 

However if a person requires any of the six volumes shown below, they will first need to contact me using the form linked above, expressing which volumes they wish to obtain so that I can upload them to Blurb for production. Thank you DC.

Corra-MacBridghe books - why publish through Blurb?

Many people have asked me why I produce Corra branded books through the Blurb publishing service. I appreciate that books from Blurb are generally priced higher than comparable publications available in High Street retailers, and that each purchase attracts an unwelcome post and packaging fee.

My reasons for doing so are explained below, which also explains why local book shops, which are normally willing to have an area featuring books by local authors, are not willing to stock my books as there's insufficient profit in it for them.

  • I have great faith in Blurb's production quality and their freely available software that allows me to not only control the content but have complete control over the layout, artwork and appearance of every production.
  • The Blurb philosophy enables people that have a story to tell to reach their intended audience without being scrutinised commercially by third parties with no interest but profit. This is vitally important when producing books of a niche local appeal.
  • Blurb allows me to set a fixed profit per purchase that creates funds for the Firefighters Charity. Although Blurb's base costs may fluctuate with the availability of materials and production costs, the donation to the Charity per purchase remains the same. 
  • The only investment by me is the time, effort and personal cost in researching, writing and assembling the electronic plan for the content of each publication. I do not recoup the personal costs from the profits. This began as a hobby that I've shared with others in a manner that creates funds for the Firefighters Charity who assisted me and my family when we needed them, and I'm happy with that, and after all I'm a firefighter not a businessman.
  • Nowhere in the world is there a row of shelves loaded with my books waiting to be ordered and distributed. Accordingly there is no risk of capital investment by me or any third party and no unnecessary waste of production resources and materials. Every book ordered is a bespoke item which unfortunately is reflected in the cost, but it ensures that my dealings in the commercial world are as clean, green and waste free as it could possibly be.
  • A good friend of mine who is a successful businessman once suggested to me that there could be commercial benefits from adopting a more business-like model. I don't doubt him for one second as he knows his field, but it's not mine and I don't want an enthralling hobby with a philanthropic objective to be overshadowed by commercial targets and stresses.


I hope you appreciate my reasons and I apologise that this dictates a greater cost to you as the customer but please do so in the knowledge that when buying an IWFBF publication you are helping members of the fire and rescue service family and at the same time not supporting mass production and waste.

Please be assured that all profits from every book sale is forwarded to the Firefighters Charity. Thank you for your support.

Damon Corr

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