IWFBF is pleased to be able to republish the Memorial Roll of Honour that was a popular feature of the previous website. It will take some time to populate this new version, but I know several of the pages dedicated to those who have passed on meant a lot to their families of today and I hope they are pleased with the return of the memorial pages.

As previously, the Roll of Honour remembers all those who were operational firefighters on the Island, whether for a pre-1938 brigade, the Auxiliary Fire Service, the National Fire Service, the post-Second World War county brigade and the Cold War version of the AFS, plus industrial or works brigades. In addition an equal place is given to those who have supported operational firefighting, typically but not limited to those who served in fire control rooms. There are also some inclusions that don't fit into any of those categories, but for reasons explained in the memorial, have been included in these pages. This includes wartime members of the Air Raid Precautions service - as they were performing duties that today are commonly performed by the fire service.

We will remember them. 

Badges adorned with a remembrance poppy are applied in respect of those who lost their lives during  a time of conflict while in service with the Armed Forces or Civil Defence/ARP./Fire services. At present 51 of those named below are within this category.

Over the years that I have published the Roll of Honour, unfortunately I have received a handful of emails from persons who were unhappy that their firefighting ancestor had not been listed. All were under the impression that the IWFBF, and this website, is formally connected to the fire service and that there was no excuse for their family member not having been included. Some of these emailed complaints contained unnecessarily hostile, and misdirected, words and opinions. The IWFBF in the 21st century is a platform managed by myself in my spare time to capture and share the history of IW firefighting, and to raise awareness and funds for the Firefighters Charity. 

I can assure all readers that whenever news of a deceased former fire service member becomes known, I take all appropriate measures to verify details and post a suitable memorial in the Roll of Honour. I am pleased to write that after explaining this to those concerned, the memorial now includes the names of the past firemen whose families sent inappropriate messages, and who later apologised for their misunderstanding.

If you have a firefighting family member who you would like to see remembered on this page, please contact me with details listed below using the Contact form. 

  • Full name
  • Rank at end of service
  • Which service/s they were employed within, i.e.
    • IW Fire Brigade
    • IW Fire and Rescue Service
    • Any other relevant municipal or works brigade
  • Which station/s or other department/s they worked within.
  • Date at which they passed away.

Thank you, Damon








   The above is not an error. Fireman W.J. Phillips was the son of Second Officer W.J. Phillips.






Please respect that I have chosen to include Joe here as he was my cousin.