East Cowes combined A.F.S. and regular fire brigade, circa 1938-1941.

Charles Alfred Halliday was born in Cowes, 1903, the son of Charles Henry Halliday, a boiler shop labourer, and Alice Eva nee Brinton.

In 1929 he married Violet Amy Magness at the Methodist Church, Adelaide Grove, East Cowes and they had a son John Michael in 1937. The Register taken two years later located the family residing at 48 St Andrews Street, Cowes with Charles employed as a labourer in an admiralty shipyard.

At some point after the war broke out Charles joined the fire service and remained in service when National Fire Service, Fire Force 14d was formed in August 1941. At some stage the family moved across the Medina to 63 Castle Street and Charles was posted to the East Cowes whole-time N.F.S. unit.

On 28 April 1942 a sudden, violent and brief attack was made on the district by seven Messerschmitt Bf109's. Charles was still at home when the house was struck, mortally wounding him - he died while being transported to the Frank James Hospital - killing his young son and seriously injuring Violet, who physically recovered later but must have been emotionally devastated by her loss.

In the next edition of the County Press his parents posted the following,

In loving memory of dear Alf, and little grandson John, taken from us so suddenly - from their sorrowing Dad and Mum, Granny and Granddad at Castle Road. 

No one knows the parting, Or what the parting cost, But God in his great mercy, Has gained what we have lost.

His Auntie Mim and Uncle Will of Gurnard, took a different approach.

In loving memory of dear Alf and little John. Taken away so cruelly  from us all. Not God's way, but the evil designs of man. 

Rest in peace Fireman Halliday.