Edward Charles Williams earned a commendation for his life-saving action at the infamous Appley Towers fire of 22 March 1904.

Second Officer Edward Charles Williams of Ryde Fire Brigade passed away on 9 May 1950 aged 80.


Joining the brigade in 1896 Edward attended an infamous fire at Appley Towers in 1904 where he personally saved the lives of several servants trapped on an upper floor, for which he was later awarded for his gallantry.

In 1931 he was made a special award for completing 35 years service with the brigade as fireman and officer.

His name emerges favourably in connection with many notable fires in the town, particularly the Royal Victoria Arcade and Young's Restaurant, both in Union Street, and the Town Hall in 1933.

For a protracted period of Chief Officer Jolliffe's illness in the early twenties he served as Acting Chief Officer. He eventually retired in 1939 after 43 years service.

He died at home, 17 Bedworth Place leaving his wife, three sons and four daughters.

Rest in peace Second Officer Williams.