Whether you know PLUTO as Pipeline Under the Ocean or Pipe Line Underwater Transportation of Oil (and I have no idea which is correct) something of the history of the incredible effort to supply fuel to the advancing forces in Northern Europe is known by most Isle of Wight residents and a far wider section of the population beyond.

It's certainly not my place to repeat the fine work created by others concerning this fascinating subject, but recently (March 2019) an individual with an interest in the subject sent me some extracts from a file he'd discovered at the National Archives that relates directly to wartime fire protection on the Isle of Wight... and that's something I'm keen to embrace and reflect on.

Shown below are the pages of those fire orders as published on 6 August 1944 as written by an officer of the 311th Infantry Brigade by the somewhat comical title of Major Danger

The sharp eyed among you may consider that I've inadvertently added the documents twice each, but if you look carefully you'll see there are some slight differences between the Orders for Site 'A' and Site 'B'. Site 'A''s orders make reference to Culver Road so this must be Sandown. As for Site 'B'... Shanklin?