Fireman Noah Dennis passed away on 17 January 1941 aged 86.


Sadly very little is known of Noah's life. He was born in Carisbrooke and married Agnes with whom he had three sons and a daughter. For most of his adult life he lived in St Mary's Street, Cowes and was employed as a gardener.

At the time of his death, at St Mary's Hospital, the County Press remarked that he had been a member of Cowes Fire Brigade for over forty years, an impressive service by any comparison. Identifying Noah's service from Press reports of the era has proved fruitless. He was one of four Dennis's serving with the brigade during this era, one being his son Frederick who went on to become Chief Officer.

At some stage of his life he was employed by the town's Council as a carter, was a keen Forester and one of the oldest members of the Cowes branch of the Salvation Army. 

Falling ill at home 29 St Mary's Street, he was taken to the hospital in Parkhurst where he passed away.


Rest in peace Fireman Dennis.