Fireman Harold Henry Attrill passed away on 10 December 1943 aged 40.


Harold was born in Ventnor in 1903 and the 1911 Census lists him living with his father Edward, a stonemason, and his mothers 79 year old mother Elizabeth Jane Lake. Edward is stated to be married, not a widower, so the whereabouts of Harold's mother remain unknown.

Little is known of his younger life but at some point he became manager of a grocery in Pier Street. He married Bessie Dorothy Vidler in 1936 with whom he had two children. 

When the call came for auxiliary firemen he volunteered for the town's AFS and continued to serve with the National Fire Service before being taken ill at home, 9 Trinity Terrace, and passing away at the County Hospital, Ryde, on 10 December. 


Rest in peace Fireman Attrill.