Hilda Beatrice Butler (nee Caws), was the second child of Douglas and Harriet Caws of Seaview, born in October 1876.


Hilda was first discovered by my wife and myself while researching her ancestry. Hilda is her third cousin three times removed. Our discovery of Hilda and her remarkable life were consequent to researching the death of her brother Stanley during the First World War. 

Shortly after publishing the story of the life and death of her brother which featured as the first article in this website's Military Interest Section, this was read by former Newport fireman Maurice Young, now retired in Portugal. Maurice is an avid reader of this site and always orders copies of the Island firefighting histories to be sent to him at home on the Iberian Peninsula. 

He replied to the article stating that Hilda had been a secretary in the Isle of Wight Fire Brigade's Fire Prevention department after returning here from Canada after the death of her husband in 1934, and that she was a lovely lady.

For my wife in particular it was thrilling to hear from someone who actually knew her cousin and adds a special and tangible connection between the military story of her brother and the IWFBF.

Hilda passed away in early 1967 aged 90/91. No definitive date of death has so far been discovered. Please refer to the page To The Stars for more about the fascinating life that both she and her brother led.


Rest in peace Hilda Butler.