Throughout the course of researching the Isle of Wight's firefighters it is apparent that there is a repeating connection between those who fought fires and those who fought wars or performed a life-saving role within those conflicts.

Additionally several local notables who may have no direct connection to the fire brigades but who would have rubbed shoulders with those who did, are of interest in the wider scope of Isle of Wight society during the same period's of major social evolution.

As we have just observed the centenary commemoration of Armistice Day, Remembrance Day as we know it, it seemed appropriate to expand the IWFBF's interests by adding the Military Interest Section. 

This does not intend to cover the subject in anything like the depth desired by the IWFBF's fire brigade projects, but does provide the capacity within the Federation's pages to include items of special interest.


Hyperlinks to the Military Interest Section articles are listed below (click on the title to access the page).