Ronald Henry Warder passed away on 17 November 1962 aged 50.


Ronald was born on 6 July 1912, the son of George Henry Warder and Annie (nee Gustar). The 1939 Register found him as a single man living at an address in Barton Road, Newport, with a range of others bearing the same surname and some differing. The register cites him as a member of the Auxiliary Fire Service, overwritten with Fire Brigade and salesman.

However it is known that when the National Fire Service was formed in August 1941 Ronald served from thereon throughout the war in the vital role of district NFS Mobilising Officer both at Newport and Shanklin and was for a time responsible for the training of the firewoman that worked in mobilising centres across the Island.

Ronald married Hilda Kathleen Taylor in 1950 and they lived at 22 Clarence Road. His sudden death occured at home.


Rest in peace Mobilising Officer Warder.