Fire Guard Henry Cornelius Field Lander passed away on 6 September 1951 aged 71.


Henry was born in Ryde in 1879. He married Charlotte Emily Russell, also of Ryde, on 19 September 1907 and they set up home at 34 Park Road, Ryde. Charlotte went on to become the chair of the County Federation of Women's Institutes. 

For many years Henry operated a successful grocery business in Park Road, retiring due to poor health two years before his death. As a respected organist he missed just one service in 30 years service as the organist for St Thomas's Church.

During the Second World War he served in Ryde as a Fire Guard (FG). FG's were tasked with keeping a vigilant watch on specific areas of the town during times of enemy activity and then co-ordinating the call to the emergency services and arranging access for them to fight the fire. Whilst the FG's were a part of Civil Defence rather than the fire services, they nevertheless formed a vital element of the wartime fire force and would no doubt have got their hands sooted when the need arose.

Henry died at home Woodham Lodge, West Hill Road, Ryde, was cremated at Southampton a few days later with his ashes returned to the Island and scattered at St Thomas's.

Rest in peace Fire Guard Lander.