Fireman Frank Bessant of the Ryde section of the Auxiliary Fire Service and Ryde Company of the National Fire Service, passed away on 11 February 1958 aged 57.


Frank was a native of Ryde, born in 1900 and baptised at All Saints Church on 6 May, the son of Frank senior and Ellen Louisa Jane (nee Lane).

It seems that he lied about his age to serve in the army in the First World War (unit unknown) and when the call came for Auxiliary firemen to enrol in the AFS in 1938 he was one of the first to join the Ryde section.

He remained with the unit on absorption in to the National Fire Service in August 1941 serving until the end of the war. His younger brother Charles also served at Ryde for many years during and after the war.

Known well within the building trade Frank of 2 Bedworth Place remained a bachelor but his funeral was well attended at the parish cemetery by three brothers, three sisters, their respective spouses and friends from the London Hotel including Mr Darbyshire, friends from Seaford House and neighbours from Bedworth Place.

Rest in peace Fireman Bessant.