Fireman Miller was one of the Cowes firemen that faced the overwhelming fire that wiped out Sibbick's Yard on 20 July 1899 leaving the utter destruction seen above.

Fireman Arthur John Miller of Cowes Fire Brigade passed away on 8 May 1950 aged 85.


Arthur married Louisa Day at Northwood on 26 October 1887 and was one of Cowes Fire Brigade's prominent members throughout the late-Victorian and early 1900's period.

He served an apprenticeship at Hansen and Sons, serving on several yachts before service as a shipwright at George Marvin's yard where he became foreman.

His specific brigade service dates are unknown but he was a regular in the Cowes brigade teams at Isle of Wight Fire Brigades Federation competitions, most notable in 1895 when he was part of the runner-up team in the three-man-drill and three years later when Cowes pushed hard but unsuccessfully in the Battenburg Cup officer-and-four-man competition.

In later life he and Louisa, who passed away nine years before, resided at 'Montrose', Stanley Road, Cowes, and he maintained active membership of the Conservative Club and Shipwright's Society before passing away at Whitecroft Hospital.

Rest in peace Fireman Miller.