Ryde Fire Brigade circa 1908, during the period when Thomas Cass was one of its firemen.

Second Officer Thomas Cass of Ryde Fire Brigade passed away on 19 March 1948 at home, 33 Green Street, Ryde, aged 69.


Thomas was well known in the town as Water Inspector, a role he had fulfilled for nearly fifty years with a break in the middle when he served in the Royal Engineers during the First World War where he was a prisoner of war for the final twelve months of the conflict.

He was appointed Third Officer to the Brigade in 1920 and received a bronze bar to add to his NFBA long service medal later the same year and the twenty-five year bar in 1928. For a short spell he served as Second Officer before ill health forced him to retire. Canon A.Cory conducted the funeral service at All Saints Church five days after his death.

Rest in peace Second Officer Cass.