23 June 1914, Fireman Bull (as he was then) enjoys a trip to Swanage aboard the Monarch with his firefighting colleagues.

Chief Officer Harry Newton Bull of Shanklin Fire Brigade passed away at home, St Paul's Villa, Shanklin, on 6 August 1935 aged 67.


The popular and prize winning oarsman, an upholsterer by trade, originated from Wroxall. His time in Shanklin was protracted; the IWCP of the day claiming he'd served the fire brigade for 44 years by the time he retired in 1928; which suggests he joined when he was 16.

In 1914, as a fireman, he become one of the first four Island firefighters to drive an operational motor-vehicle when Shanklin acquired a Mercedes hose carrier, locally named the 'Pioneer' that was also used to tow the steam fire-engine and he was one of the few selected for driver training.

His retirement from brigade duties in 1928 was compelled by a debilitating injury to the knee and the eulogistic terms in which his loss was remarked upon by the district council evidences a special appreciation for his skills and manner.

Harry's hobby was natural history and many of the fossil exhibits at the I.W. Natural History Museum at Rylstone were donated by him (and later taken to Carisbrooke Castle Museum; I'm unsure if they remain there today?).

On the day of his funeral St Paul's was filled to capacity and more, the list detailed in the County Press again emphasises the esteem in which the former Chief Officer was held.

Rest in peace Chief Officer Bull.