Newport's brigade during the latter stages of the era in which Fireman Gustar served.

Fireman Fred Gustar of Newport Fire Brigade passed away on 15 April 1921 aged 66.


Fred, who was listed as Fireman No.8 in Newport brigades annual report of 1895 was one of the original volunteers of the reformed brigade of two years earlier.

From the age of fourteen until his death, when not firefighting he worked solely for the Wadham family for 52 years. He married Alma Morey in 1877 but she passed away eight years later. In 1889 he married Mary Ann Stark and they had three daughters followed by three sons between 1889 and 1904.

Over the period of his service many County Press reports of fires detailed his exploits and he was also an active organiser and participant in the brigade's many social activities.

His death, induced by pneumonia, took place at his home 8 Ash Road in the presence of Mary Ann and several of his children with the absence of two who were away serving with the Royal Navy.

Rest in peace Fireman Gustar.