An image during the transfer of Fireman Smith's casket from his colleagues shoulders to the fire engine prior to the funeral procession.

Fireman Albert Beynon Smith passed away on 13 February 1929 aged just 19.


Albert may have yearned to follow in the footsteps of his father Charles, a Sandown fireman since 1911 (broken only by two years service in the Royal Navy during the First World War) who also passed away very suddenly in 1924 in his mid-30's.

Albert of 2 Heath Cottages, Heath Road, Lake, had been a member of the brigade for just two years at the time of his death from influenza and was afforded full brigade honours at his funeral three days later, his body being conveyed to Christ Church on board the motor fire engine.

From there the coffin was born by Fireman B.Holbrook, A.F.White, W.D.Batchelor and D.Orchard. All the Sandown brigade attended in addition to several members of other brigades across the Island including Shanklin's Chief Officer C.C. Matthews and Newport's Second Officer Percy Scott. After the commital the fireman's salutes were lead by Chief Officer Wilfred H. Brown with Honorary Chief Officer Howard Barclay Billups.

Rest in peace Fireman A.B.Smith.