Fireman Arthur Stanley Burt of Newport Fire Brigade passed away on 12 June 1961 aged 78.


Arthur, who was for some reason generally known as 'Peter', was born in Carisbrooke and lived at 14 Field Place with his parents George (wheelwright and engine fitter) and Jane plus several siblings.

Arthur started work at 12 years old as a page boy at the County Club and three years later went to The House of Yelf printing house in Newport as a printer's apprentice. He spent the next 58 years in the same employment. His family were well known athletes and he was no exception winning many trophies and his prowess as a fitness fanatic earned him an appointment to coach the Newport footballers.

He married Lillian Rose 'Queenie' (nee Jackman) and in 1914 they settled in to home life at 27 Clifford Street where they remained for the rest of Arthur's life.

He was appointed to the fire brigade on 9 June 1915 and served until 11 April 1928 when he resigned due to health concerns. On 16 June 1926 he had been a member of the four-man Newport team that won the Macdonald Cup in the IWFBF drill competition at Church Litten. When the 'new; extension to the Newport fire station that we know today was opened in 1960 (originally built as a single-storey engine-house in 1942) he was one of the veterans invited to come and demonstrate some of the old pre-war equipment in the newly appointed drill yard.

He passed away at home with Lillian at his side.

Rest in peace Fireman Burt.