Leading Fireman John Howard Blundell of the Shanklin company of the National Fire Service passed away 6 May 1942 aged 36.


John, of 'Shenstone' 68 Newport Road, Lake, joined the Auxiliary Fire Service at the start of the Second World War and worked full-time as a clerk at Brading and Blundell, builders and undertakers of Grange Road, Shanklin. He married Lilian Ivy Joyce Harris in 1929.

John was one of the National Fire Service firemen that responded to the terror of the Cowes Blitz on the night of the 4/5 May. Sadly having survived that catastrophe and saving many lives he was severely injured in a vehicle collision at the junction of Park and Place roads in Cowes in the late morning of the 5th as he and his unit were preparing to return, exhausted and dishevelled, to their own fire station in Shanklin.

The inquest recorded the event as an accident. The cause must have been related to the sheer tiredness of the driver of Shanklin's appliance who must have felt terrible as he ploughed in to the rear of a stationary Ford Mobile Dam Unit from Newport.

John was taken to the Osborne Convalescent Home with severe pelvic injuries, didn't recover from an operation and died a day later.

Rest in peace Leading Fireman Blundell.