Fireman Richard Henry Pitt passed away on 4 June 1925 aged 72.


Richard (the bearded chap in the image above) was one of Sandown's first firemen when the brigade was formed in 1879.

He originated from the East Stonehouse district of Plymouth, married Emma from Bedfordshire and settled at Sandown's North Street where he spent the rest of his life.

He was a stonemason by trade. He served as a normal member of the brigade until 1905. After that he maintained a position as Honorary supernumerary fireman until his death and was noted as a skilled and reliable member of the brigade.

He was active in local politics for many years, known to be a staunch Conservative but was remarked on in the County Press as "an ideal representative of the working class". His political tirades were evidently much enjoyed by all who heard them, often interlaced with witty observations.

Having served under the remarkable Chief Officer James Dore for so long it was unfortunate that Richard's beliefs caused him to be one of the Councillors that voted on the matter of dismissing a conscientious objector from the brigade that lead to Dore's resignation on a matter of principle in 1916.

Richard was a life governor of the County Hospital in Ryde and it was here he was taken for surgery. Complications followed his recovery and he passed away in hospital.

Rest in peace Fireman Pitt.