The image on the right shows Ryde Fire Brigade's Second Officer Robert James White, a portrait commissioned in 1908 and which had hung in the old fire station and then the new for as long as anyone can remember.

Sadly it was damaged, as seen by the chunks gouged out of it, by a careless workman's ladder in the station stairwell around 2005. No-one was ever held to account for this unreported damage.

I posted the image above on the Isle of Wight Heritage Group page on Facebook in 2017.

Local artist Ivan Berryman was immediately in contact, offering to repair the painting which he did with great aplomb, even cleaning it up and reframing it for us. 

It now hangs proudly in the station mess room and we are forever grateful to Ivan for his willingness and expertise.


Ivan with firefighter Wayne Jones on the day he returned the painting, 23 March 2017.