Taking a break...

On 29 May 2019 I did one last presentation of Heroism, Humour and the Hump for now as I try to keep the summer months free for family events and holidays. For those who have invited me so far this year thank you so much for your support and for the donations to the Firefighters Charity.

Heroism, Humour and the Hump will return in the autumn so if you're wanting a speaker please get in touch as I'll take bookings for October, November and December.

In the meantime I'm working on a special series of talks for 2020 focussing on the National Fire Service Overseas Contingent to celebrate and mark 75 years since their momentous embarkation, channel crossing and journey behind the front-line across war-torn Europe. 

Thanks, Damon


I'm Damon Corr, serving fire officer since 1996 and the researcher and author of the range of Island fire-fighting history books listed in this website and the editor and main contributor to the website.

Additionally I really enjoy opportunities to speak publicly to interested groups about the history of Island firefighting. 

Each year I aim to package a novel presentation format for delivering from October through to May (with the months between free of engagements). The current presentation is 'Heroism, Humour and the Hump'. 

Where societies offer payment for speaking, as some already have, it will be forwarded to the Firefighters Charity.

Use the form on the 'Contact' page to connect with Damon if you wish to get in touch. 

Records of events already attended can be found listed chronologically in the Latest News page.