I'm Damon Corr, serving fire officer since 1996 and the researcher and author of the range of Island fire-fighting history books listed in this website and the editor and main contributor to the website.

Additionally I really enjoy opportunities to speak publicly to interested groups about the history of Island firefighting. 

Where societies offer payment for speaking, as some already have, it will be forwarded to the Firefighters Charity.

Use the form on the 'Contact' page to connect with Damon if you wish to get in touch. 

I can usually tailor a talk to focus on your groups particular interest of fire brigade history. In the week before writing this I've attended two different groups, one who wanted to hear all about the history of the formation of Ryde Fire Brigade and the other of the Island's wider firefighting heritage. Please ask, if I can do it I'll certainly find the time.

Records of events already attended can be found listed chronologically in the Latest News page. 

Bookings for 2019 have started with a request to talk to the U3A Wootton History Group on 1st February. They've asked for a talk explaining the heritage of firefighting Islandwide. 

I look forward to meeting the U3A members.

Carisbrooke Castle Museum is the venue for a talk on 26 February 2019. I've already been there to meet the curator who kindly arranged access for me to a surprisingly fascinating number of fire brigade related items donated to them over the years, one of which is the only pre-WW2 Newport Fire Brigade cloth badge that I know of. 

When I return for the talk we're going fly through a general history of Island firefighting from the Romans of AD300 right through to 1948, stopping off to explore the heroism, humour and huffiness of certain individuals along the way. It should be a fun journey and I look forward to meeting the membership. I'm particularly excited about this one; as a child before moving away to the mainland we lived not too far from the Castle and it was one of my favourite places that features in many happy childhood memories, to be invited to speak at this venue is something rather special for me.

Access is by ticket only so please contact the Museum if you'd like to be there.