AFS Firewoman Maisie Corney passed away on 17 May 2016 aged 84.

Maisie Corney (nee Burgess) was a native of Ryde who married David Corney in 1959. A short while after David joined Ryde Fire Brigade but by then Maisie was already in the ranks of the local section of the Cold War version of the Auxiliary Fire Service which was initially reformed in 1948.

Maisie served as a radio operator within the mobile columns and frequently attended the extended exercises implemented to test the mobilisation and administration of the vast number of resources committed to the service. Designed as a contingency in the event of nuclear war, the AFS of the period were prepared and trained to respond en-masse to any part of the country. 

She remained with the AFS until its disbandment in 1968 serving a total of 14 years and 6 months with the Ryde unit. 

Rest in peace Firewoman Corney.