The following eight volumes of Isle of Wight firefighting history are all available from Damon Corr's page at Blurb -

Why Blurb?

Many people have asked me why I use the Blurb publishing service. I appreciate that books from Blurb are generally priced higher than comparable publications found in High Street stores and that each purchase attracts an unwelcome post and packaging fee.

My reasons for favouring this system are as follows;

*Firstly I have great faith in Blurb's production quality and their freely available software allows me to not only produce the content but have complete control over the layout and overall appearance of every page of every production.

*The Blurb philosophy enables people that have something to write to reach their intended audience without being scrutinised commercially by third parties with no interest but profit.

*Blurb allows me to set a constant profit per purchase that creates funds for the Firefighters Charity. Although Blurb's base cost may fluctuate with the availability of materials and production costs, the donation to the Charity per purchase remains constant.

*The only investment by me is the time, effort and personal cost in researching and writing the content of each publication. This began as a hobby that I've utilised to assist the Charity who assisted me when I needed them. I am not a businessman, I'm a firefighter.

*Nowhere in the world is there a row of shelves loaded with my books awaiting order and distribution. There is therefore no risk of capital investment by me or others and no unnecessary waste of production resources and materials. Every book ordered is a bespoke item which is unfortunately reflected in the cost but ensures my dealings in the commercial world are as clean and waste free as they could possibly be.

A good friend of mine who is a successful businessman once suggested to me that there could be a commercial success in adopting a different approach. I don't doubt him for one second as he knows his field, but it's not mine and I don't want an enthralling hobby with a philanthropic objective to be overshadowed by commercial pressures. 

I hope you appreciate my reasons and I apologise that this dictates a greater cost to you as the buyer but please do so in the knowledge that by buying you are helping members of the fire and rescue service family and at the same time not supporting mass production and waste.