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From Victoria to the Armistice

Isle of Wight Firefighting Volume 2 1900-1918

I'm pleased to report that as from today, 25 September 2018, the second volume of Isle of Wight Firefighting History From Victoria to the Armistice, is available to buy in either soft or hardback covers direct from the link below.  

From Victoria to the Armistice

Ready When Wanted

Isle of Wight Firefighting Volume 1 1850-1899


The first volume of Isle of Wight firefighting history was the culmination of many years of research and literally thousands of items from which to create an entertaining, educational and at times comical look at the Island's firemen, the political mood that affected them and the incidents they attended in the mid to late Victorian era. 

The first printing was available from November 2017 until March 2018. A second edition, with some amendments, and to be frank some production improvements is now available in the new cover seen on the left at Blurb.

The plan for the cover change is that a person building up the collection of the books will place them side by side on a shelf and the spines will represent the central colour scheme of the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Ribbon.

No. 15 Fire Force - Preparations for Invasion 1944


This is the first example of a range of IWFBF research publications covering a broader field. This edition is NOT centred on locations or persons connected with the Isle of Wight.

However during research in to the possibility of Isle of Wight firemen being connected with the NFS Overseas Contingent, I discovered the implications of the Colour Scheme, which redeployed NFS resources to areas of greater risk during the build-up of resources and personnel in preparation for D-Day.

No. 15 Fire Force - Preparations for Invasion is the story of our neighbouring Fire Force's key role in the Colour Scheme reinforcing programme and adds to the wider understanding of what was happening within the NFS in later 1943 and 1944 which would undoubtably, with regard to the Isle of Wight's strategic and geographic position in the preparations for D-Day, have similarly affected our local NFS units.



Copies are available in soft or hardback format from Blurb 



My War Diary by Colin Weeks

Colin Weeks was the teenaged son of the Mayor of Ryde when he joined the local section of National Fire Service, Region 6, Fire Force 14d initially as a clerk to assist Chief Officer Max Heller.

During his service he kept a diary of events, some of which make uncomfortable reading as they involve unimaginable happenings within the streets and places that today's residents know so well. There's also a hint of the writer's irreverant humour and examples of the kind of banter that all who've spent time in service with others will find familiar.

The diary was to end very suddenly. Years of painstaking research uncovered the reason.

Damon Corr introduces and closes this reproduction of Colin's war diary which can be purchased from . All profits are forwarded to the Firefighters Charity.        


Available at Blurb



And the Nightingales Sang

In 2009 I wrote a booklet as a fundraiser, one of a series of local history productions in order to assist the Historic Ryde Society. Although further information has been discovered in subsequent research, this booklet stands as a fair description, from one fireman's perspective, of the events before, during and after the infamous Cowes Blitz of 4/5 May 1942.


Still available from the Society's website for a nominal cost it may be of interest to those that read Colin's diary and wish to know more. Click on the link to the Historic Ryde Society above to access their online shop. 


Available from Historic Ryde Society


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